Below are answers to the most common questions we have. To view the answers simply click on the question. If your question or answer is not here – please email us and we can best assist.

What does your boarding space look like?

We offer 1200 square feet of Home. We have several rooms, lots of sun, and quiet.

Is my dog’s caretaker experienced and knowledgeable?

I should say so! Heather is a Certified Training Partner, Karen Pryor Academcy; certified in Pet First Aid; and a certified graduate of Dog Walking Academy. Heather and Zooey have been hosting dogs since 1996.

How many dogs do you take at a time?

We try to limit the number of our guests to six.

Will my dog be put in a crate?

No, the dogs roam freely as they would in your home. We do have a crate for the dog who wants it, and sometimes we may use a crate for a short-term purpose, like a time-out.

Where do the dogs sleep at night?

The dogs may sleep anywhere they like. Most dogs sleep in dog beds stationed like satellite moons around the human bed. A few dogs (mostly small) get to sleep on the human bed. We also have sofas and chairs; the hallway; under the desk.

Is someone with my dog all the time?

If your dog is a first-timer, you can be sure someone will always be with him. If in time, your dog should become a regular guest and not object to being left alone in the company of other dogs, we then may on rare occasions leave for an hour or two to take in a meal or some other short event.

How often will you walk my dog?

We usually take our guests out three times. Our first walk is a 2-hour daily outing to Central Park at daybreak. With permission, we walk the dogs off-leash. We go out again mid-afternoon for up to an hour. This is usually a leash walk, but sometimes it’s a visit to one of the dog runs near us. The last walk is a relief walk around 10p. This schedule works well for most dogs. If a dog requires more frequent relief walks, we are alert to the signals.

Are there separate charges for walking?

No, walking is part of a boarding experience.

My dog uses a pee pad. Is that a problem?

As long as your dog is housebroken and is trained to use the pee pad reliably, we are fine with that.

My dog is elderly and cannot go for long walks. What do you do for her?

Elderly dogs get a customized schedule. Instead of going out on the long Central Park walk in the mornings, they get a relief walk before Heather heads out and they get a half-hour private walk when she returns. In between, they get to snuggle with Zooey. In the mid-afternoon, they join the rest of the guests for a leash walk. And they go out again before bedtime for relief.

My dog has a special diet. Is that a problem?

No, usually no problem.   We have a separate refrigerator just for raw food and roast meat, and we are happy to follow your instructions with regard to special canned foods, kibble and supplements.

My dog needs special medicines. Is that a problem?

No, usually no problem. We are accustomed to giving pills, sublingual drops, certain injections and even homeopathy.

What if my dog should get sick or get hurt?

If it’s urgent, we take your dog to the closest vet or hospital, and we make every effort to contact you. Otherwise, we go to vet you have named in your Boarding Service Agreement.

What do you do if dogs don’t get along?

We rarely have issues with our dogs not getting along. If a problem should arise, we use baby gates, crates and Heather’s training to manage the situation. If the problem were serious, we would remove the offender from our premises (but that has never happened).

Are there dogs you don’t take?

Yes. We regret we cannot take unneutered or unsprayed dogs; dog who are not socialized to other dogs and to people; dogs who are not house-trained; dogs who bark too much; dogs who have a chronic problem with marking.

What is your admission policy?

We speak on the phone and if both host and guest agrees there’s a match, we invite you to come with your dog to see our space. If you like what you see, you’re in.

How do I make a reservation?

Send a request by email to If we have room, we’ll book you.

How do you define a boarding day?

A boarding day starts at 9am and lasts until 9am the next morning. It includes two meals, the midday walk, the night walk and the Central Park walk the next morning.

Do you pick up dogs for boarding?

Unfortunately, no.

How does drop-off work?

We ask you to bring your dog to us between 9:00 and 10:00 on any given morning. We can receive a dog as late as noon, if arranged in advance. You may also deliver your dog before the morning walk or hand your dog over to us in Central Park, but there is a surcharge for hand-offs before 9:00 am.

Why do you only allow drop-offs in the morning?

Our concern is always for our dogs. Most of them require a whole day to adjust to an unfamiliar place, strange new bunkmates, and a change in schedule.

How about pick-up? Is there something I should know?

You may collect your dog almost anytime you like. We will charge you for a half-day for pick-ups between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. We will charge you for a full day for pick-ups after 1:00 pm. There is a surcharge for pick-ups after 9 pm.

How much do you charge?

The base rate is $90/day. For puppies up to a year, for dogs with special needs, and for large dogs (over 60 lbs or looks like it), the rate is $100.

Do you offer day care?

Unfortunately, no

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a month’s notice of a cancellation. We are a small company drawing from a small pool of very local clients. It is not easy to fill a vacancy made by a cancellation unless we have notice.

Do you require a minimum stay?

We do. We require a minimum booking of two days.

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