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What I want to convey is how freeing it is for me, and probably all kinds of other dog lovers, to know that their dogs are in the hands of people who REALLY care, and aren’t just saying they do. Before I found The Dog House NYC, I used to suffer angst and guilt and worry at the thought of leaving Midway at some doggie daycare chain — where I imagined the kids were coming two hours on a train from Queens every day to be paid minimum wage and were not exactly in the mood to care too much about my dog — and where the dogs might be crowded 20-30 to a room that smelled of pee and disinfectant and got very little exercise. In contrast, leaving my dog with Heather and Zooey when I travel is just like dropping her off at an animal-loving friend’s place. At The Dog House NYC, Midway is treated like a member of a big, happy dog family.

– From Linnea von Hessert

Our family has relied on The Dog House NYC for dog walks since our border collie mix, Cooper, was a pup and he joined one of their playgroups. Five years later, he still goes out every day for two hours with his buddies, jumping up when he hears his walker at the door, eager as ever to spend time with his friends in the run. The Dog House NYC’s stewardship does not begin and end at the door, either. They have been helpful in many ways ‘meeting an unexpected need for an additional walk, a trip to the vet and even, once, help with a dog we rescued ‘and they have helped us to know our own pet better. We are also very impressed with the way they care for all the dogs in their charge. Attention is lavished on each one. All are celebrated for their own eccentricities. We would urge all those looking for inspired, reliable, effective care for their dogs to call The Dog House NYC.

– From Chris Madden



My husband met Heather because ALL the dogs in the dog run in Riverside Park knew and obviously adored her. That chance encounter was seven years ago, and since then we have used The Dog House NYC to walk and board our 2 dogs, who could not be any happier!! We happen to live in the same neighborhood as The Dog House NYC, and quite often when I am walking our Tibetan Terrier, Charlie, he just starts to go nuts and pulls me in all different directions ‘suddenly I know Heather or Zooey is approaching from somewhere and Charlie knows. He is always right. In fact, when we had both of our babies, we joked we did not need a baby nurse; all we needed were Heather and Zooey. They totally helped the dogs adjust to the new additions to the household, and made the transition seamless. We and our dogs love The Dog House NYC!!!

– From Audrey Stafford & Jeff Golub

We love The Dog House NYC – a great group of humans and dogs! Penny, our one-and-a-half-year-old Border Terrier, couldn’t be happier and more animated than when she’s ready to go out for a group romp with Heather, Zooey, and the other Dog House NYC walkers, or more happily tired than when she returns. Along with all the wonderful opportunities for socializing and exercise, an added benefit of the group dog walk has been that our exuberant puppy (still exuberant) has become a good leash walker as well. The Dog House NYC combines all the things we absolutely need in a dog-walking-service – such as reliability, scheduling flexibility, a concern for health and safety – with all the things we really want-, loving attention and lots of energy-eating fun for our dog.

– From Stephanie Salomon, David Fishman & Claire



Heather, Zooey and the rest of The Dog House NYC team have cared for our golden retriever since she was a young pup. They’ve been wonderful to our dog in the three years they’ve handled her midday (and occasional morning) needs, and they’ve been unfailingly reliable, friendly and flexible toward us. They’ve earned our trust, and over and over, our gratitude.

– From Hendrick Uyttendaele

The Dog House NYC has been caring for our dog, Winston, for close to 4 years now. They are more than just a dog walking and boarding service to us, they are our extended family! We first met at the 105th Street Dog Run in Riverside Park, where we witnessed a fun-loving ensemble of people caring for a very happy tribe of critters. The visual provided all the proof we needed that they would be the perfect match for Winston . . . The Dog House NYC is reasonably priced, and very accommodating to our need ‘they will bend over backwards to assist in a pinch. They love dogs, they speak dog. It’s obvious that this is not just a job to them, rather, it is a life spent doing what they love and are passionate about. How lucky are they, and how lucky are we to have found them!

– From Kathy, Alicia and Winston Sison



If you’re very lucky someone will tell you about The Dog House NYC. The Dog House NYC has been helping me with my dog, Jessie, for almost all of her seven years. Heather and Zooey and their group of walkers has provided both Jessie and our family with a service that goes beyond the usual meaning of the word. They helped with Jessie’s early socialization and training, and in the years since have taken her out every day to exercise and to see her friends. Heather’s gift with animals, her sensitivity, her caring, and her steadfast support have won my total admiration. Heather loves the animals and knows the strengths and weakness of each. She also knows the owners, and she truly cares about helping in whatever ways are needed. The Dog House NYC is not just a business; it is community-building in action.

– From Cheryl Trobiani

Heather, Zooey and The Dog House NYC staff members have been taking care of our ‘girls’for many years. They are responsible, loyal and accommodating  – and above all, loving and caring. Heather and Zooey started as our dog walkers, but now they are our friends ‘there’s no one who loves and cares about dogs more than they do.

– From Ruby Namdar


We love The Dog House NYC! They’re very dedicated to keeping our little guy, Finbar, happy. Finbar is kind of shy. They worked very, very hard at worming their way into his heart. (Finbar is a Yorkie, and they can be quite stand-offish.) Both Heather and Zooey called me at the office the day Finbar first came running to greet them at the door. Also, I’m a freelance consultant and my schedule changes quite often. They’ve been exceedingly accommodating; always walking him at the last minute when my schedule suddenly changes. The thing about dogs is, they can’t tell you if they didn’t have a good walk or were skimped. One has to rely wholly on trust. The Dog House NYC are the most trustworthy dog walkers I’ve ever known.

– From Susie Stulz

Our dog, Mercer, has been walked by The Dog House NYC for over two years. We’ve been very pleased with their services. They are knowledgeable about dogs, flexible, reliable and most importantly, trustworthy. It’s reassuring to know that Mercer is in such good hands. She is always so excited to see Heather and Zooey. Mercer has also boarded at The Dog House NYC numerous times. She loves staying there. Heather always leaves detailed messages about Mercer’s day that we can’t wait to hear. The Dog House NYC has gone above and beyond the call of duty. A few times, Heather has taken Mercer to the vet for us when we’ve been stuck at work. It’s been a lifesaver. Most importantly, The Dog House NYC is very alert and aware when Mercer has a change in behavior. It shows that they really care about her. We recommend The Dog House NYC wholeheartedly. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

– From Aimee Mak



The Dog House NYC has been more than simply a reliable dog walking service. Heather and Zooey have transformed my dog, Lula, from a nervous and aggressive pet to a compatible pal who looks forward to her walks alongside her group. I am always introduced to any new walkers of theirs, and have complete trust that my Lula is safe and happy in their company. Aside from being completely reliable, they have also rescued me several times at the last minute. After over three years of excellent service, I can’t imagine life without them.

– From Julio Matos & Lula



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