That blammity-blam salt again!  Time for some more paw talk.  I want to suggest Heal My Paws (Please). No, that’s the name of the product! I picked ours up over at Gotham Veterinary Center. Hand Cream for Dogs!

What I like about it (besides the name) is that it says “All natural formula is not harmful if licked and ingested.” It’s ingredients include such things as beeswax, almond butter, sunflower oil, tea tree and rosemary.

Also, it has a pleasing light weight when applied. My dogs do not try to lick it off.  It drives me crazy when my dogs lick off the balm that’s supposed to heal their cracked and sore paws!

And it does not track on the floors.

Our dogs are New Yorkers, and the very salt that keeps their humans upright in icy weather wreaks havoc on their paws.  At these times, I put my dogs’ paws in the latex booties made by PawZ.  But sometimes the booties rupture and the wet salt gets in.  I love being able to apply something soothing to their paws after we get home.  I imagine my own chapped lips getting instant relief from lip balm.

Now I’ve been a long-time fan of Musher’s Secret.  Its promise of “100% natural waxes” (no petroleum, thank goodness!) makes me think of its original purpose, the protection of sled dog feet.  Even today, latex booties are probably no match for such a purpose.  Still, Musher’s Secret guards its actual ingredients under trademark protection — that’s its Secret.  I can’t be sure it’s safe for our dogs to eat, and in our experience our dogs do try to lick it off.   It also leaves tracks on our city floors, though it could be I’m applying it too liberally.

I’d like to know what you all use.  How’s it working?  Could you describe your circumstances?


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