Our Promise to You

we know dogs!

We know dogs!

At The Dog House NYC, we think about two things above all: safety and what dogs want. We want to put your mind at ease in every respect.

We respect your privacy and your property. We are bonded through Mourer Foster Inc. of Lansing, MI.

Our walkers are carefully screened, and we encourage you to meet your walker at the time you engage us. We do not switch walkers without letting you know. Our walkers bring their own leashes and do not spend any more time in your house than necessary.

We are very familiar with, and know what to do about, the many snares and traps facing urban dogs: scavenging, moving objects, standing water, utility poles, aggression, intersections, the leash factor and – not least – the social skills required of dogs at a dog run.

and their personalities

. . . and their personalities.

When, in spite of our best efforts, illness or accident does befall a dog in our care, we know what to do: we have back-up for our walkers, and we know how to contact you, who your vet is, and how to get there.

And we know dogs! We know the range of their personalities, the set of their ears, the message in their barks. We know who our “stick” dogs are and who only “do balls.” Who likes to watch from laps and who retrieves, invites chase, herds or watches squirrels. Did you know dogs also play team sports, as in soccer?