Meet Zooey

Zooey joined The Dog House NYC in 1999. He was thrilled at the opportunity to work with dogs, having longed for one throughout his youth in a family that prized cleanliness and order above rowdy (and sometimes dirty) animals. Working alongside Heather, he grew to understand and love many of them. Though trained in law, he resigned from the New York State Bar in 2001 in favor of continuing to work with dogs.

A quiet person, Zooey’s contributions are characteristically quiet. He is the one who performs the daily massages on boarders and who slips the odd piece of meat. Before digital photography overtook the medium, he patiently captured their unique personalities on stunning black-and-white photos that hang on the walls at The Dog House NYC. And he continues to feature dogs in his short films. Here’s an example of that:

Popsicle Stick from Zooey on Vimeo.