How to Choose a Dog Walker / Dog Boarding Service

We’ve been dog boarding / dog walking professionally here at the Dog House NYC since 1996, and in that time we’ve come to some conclusions about general things a dog care service should have to meet your dog’s needs.

* Passion. One of our dog owners put it well when he said that “at The Dog House they speak dog!”  We love dogs, and that passion translates into knowing what they want.

* Expertise. It’s not enough just to be a dog-lover to be able to operate a great dog care service. At the Dog House NYC we have more than fifteen years of hands-on experience with just about every type of dog, plus certification in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross and certification in Animal Training and Behavior from the Karen Pryor Academy.

* Familiarity. Your dog needs to feel comfortable in her surroundings, and that means familiar  faces and regular playgroups. We take a personal approach, assigning our walkers to specific dogs so they can build a bond, and similarly matching up small playgroups.

*Professionalism. While our service is born of a passion for dogs, it is also a service and as such you’re entitled to high standards and professionalism.

There are lots of dog care providers in New York, and even on the Upper West Side, so when choosing your dog walkers / boarding  it’s a good idea to ask yourself some of the following questions:

* What kind of system does the service have in place for unforeseen events?

* How does the service pick its walkers?

* Who has my keys and how can I be sure my privacy and security are protected?

* Will my dog always have the same walker, and what happens if the walker is sick?

* How do they organize playgroups?

* When my dog is boarding, is someone always with him?  Who?

* Is he in a crate?

* Have you ever had dogs not get along?

* How many walks will she get each day? How long are they? And where does she go?

We’re confident that we provide the most professional and personal dog walking / boarding service in the whole of New York, so if you have any questions or would like to inquire about enrolling your dog with us, you can contact us here.