Experience with dogs is important! The Dog House NYC has tons of training, tons of passion and tons of experience! With many years in the industry, we should be your first choice! Here are some stories that happened where our experience and training, passion and care was truly valuable!

A story about BUDDY…

A boarding Labrador Retriever inhales his food. 1.5 cups of kibble down the hatch in ten seconds flat. With his broad chest, he’s a good candidate for bloat at some point down the road. We bought a special feeder that looks like grass — he has to work his tongue in among the plastic “blades” and it really slows down his eating. As Zooey’s says, “A new record! Four minutes!”

A story about CHARLIE…

Every morning a certain boarding guest upchucks bile, grass and sometimes sticks. Out on the morning walk, he pulls toward grass like a goat. “Ah,” we say, “another case of stomach acid. We’ll just give this fellow half his supper late at night to give his stomach acid something to work on.” Magic! No more morning spit-ups. Fewer laundry bills. No stepping in something cold and yucky with bare feet.

A story about VIXEN…

One day in a hot summer, a young beagle we were walking left her fan-cooled, shaded apartment, stepped out on the sidewalk in front of her building and lay down. It didn’t seem like heat exhaustion, but our walker was savvy enough to take her right to the vet. The vet said it was too late to save this dog! Holey moley! The owner came from work to say his goodbyes. Fortunately, Vixen recovered and it wasn’t necessary.

A social walk story…

Another day, our walker spotted what looked like corn meal out in front of a doorman building on W 110th Street. Her dogs pulled her toward it: “We like corn meal!” But she thought, “Hmm, rat poison often looks like corn meal” and she pulled her dogs away. The doorman came out and she asked him, “What is that stuff”? He answered, “Rat poison – we put it out ‘cuz we been having some problems.”

Tips on finding a good dog walker in NYC:

Finding the right dog walker is challenging. What do you look for? How do you start? Three words should guide your search: Safety,  Fun and Budget. Ideally, you are looking to give your dog the best experience for the best price. But look out – If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!


``They totally helped the dogs adjust to the new additions to the household, and made the transition seamless. We and our dogs love The Dog House NYC!!!``

Testimonial Audrey Stafford & Jeff Golub
Audrey Stafford & Jeff Golub



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