clicker training

Feb 2010
Dog Training Resources

I find myself repeatedly suggesting the following books and dvds to my dog training clients.   You can order all of them at – an excellent resource.  You  can also orders all things clicker through   Enjoy!  ON CLICKER TRAINING The How of Bow Wow: Foundation Skills for all Dogs (an award-winning DVD) Don’t Shoot the Dog, a classic, by Karen Pryor  GENERAL Culture Clash, a classic, by Jean Donaldson  ON DOG LANGUAGE The Language of Dogs, by Sarah Kalnajs  (6 hours worth of dog behavior)   DVD What is My Dog Saying: Canine Comunication......

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Jan 2010
Walking an Urban Dog — part 2 — Dog Runs

Part 2: Dog Runs What follows is taken from The Dog House NYC training manual for our dog-walkers. We hope it will help all people walking their dogs in New York City. Dog Run Behavior Safety Again! When entering the dog run be careful about closing the gate behind you. At each of the dog runs on the Upper West Side, there are two consecutive gates at each entrance. The best approach is to enter the first gate, close it, unleash your dog(s), open the inner gate, let the dog(s) through and......

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