Sample Parent Report

The Dog House NYC is all about relationship based dog care, and part of that relationship is keeping you informed about how your dog is doing in our care. For example, below is a brief  report we sent to one of our clients, to let them know how their dog’s first day at The Dog House NYC was going:


Subject: Hudson Thurs 3/21 3:35
Date: March 21, 2013 3:44:50 PM EDT


G.  you didn’t tell me how much Hudson likes to play with toys!  LOL!  He’s delightful.


dog playing at The Dog House NYC

This dog loves playing with toys!


Dogs playing together at The Dog House NYC

Making friends playing



Loads of toys for dogs at The Dog House NYC

Choosing a favourite toy

Now, here he has to make a decision:  hmm, go for a walk with Zooey or stay home with his toys . . .


Dogs get to play and walk at the Dog House NYC

Decisions, decisions – to play or to walk…

He’s delightful in every other way so far also.  Very unusual to be so loosey-goosey on a first day away from home.  Of course, sometimes we’ve had perfect dogs that reveal other sides when the sun sets, as if to say “OK, it’s been good, but now I’d like to go home”.  Let’s see what Hudson does.