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The Dog House NYC opened in July 1996 as a dog care service offered to a few friends and neighbors in Riverside Park. Over the years, word spread until The Dog House NYC became a professional service in 1999. With the help of several hand-picked dog walkers, what started as a service that provided premium boarding in a private home expanded to offer both individual walks and playgroups. But we weren’t done! As of 2009, we also offer clicker dog training to those who are serious about training their dogs – and in a wholly-positive way.

We say our care is relationship-based. We like to think we have more smiling dogs than any other service, and we believe the secret lies in relationship – between dog and human and among the dogs themselves. Dogs, like people, are first of all social animals.

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How do we provide this relationship-based care? We put our dogs at the center of what we do and dedicate ourselves to getting to know them, while also looking after their health and safety. And we love to exchange information with engaged owners. To do this effectively, we limit the number of dogs that we can care for at any one time.

This is particularly true of boarding, which happens in a private home. Every consideration is given to a dog’s well-being, from the many dog beds, to the overflowing toy boxes, to the highest quality grain-free food, to the other guests he’s likely to meet (and meet again) here. For your peace of mind and delight, we enjoy sending “parent reports”, together with photos.

But relationships also govern our dog walks. Every dog is different and different life stages suggest different kinds of walks, whether they be with a buddy to a nearby dog run, a solo outing to smell the flowers and stretch the legs, or a customized walk to support training. Talking with you, we’ll identify the kind of outing that will most benefit your dog. Our aim is always to ensure the time your dog spends with us is time well spent.

And of course relationships govern our training, too. We will design a training plan just for you and your dog and help both of you meet your goals.

We have many dogs in our care that we have looked after all of their long lives, and we are considered almost-family. People frequently tell us they don’t know what they’d do without us. You can check out some testimonials here.

If you’re looking for comprehensive dog care on the Upper West Side, and you think The Dog House NYC might be right for you, we invite you to get in touch with us here.


• Over 20 years of experience
Certified trainers looking after your dog 24/7
Customized care to suit your dog’s needs
Reliable and Professional
Enjoy personalized parent reports

Don’t just take our word for it – read the many testimonials from long time happy clients.

What others say about us

  • Leaving my dog with Heather and Zooey when I travel is just like dropping her off at an animal-loving friend’s place. At The Dog House NYC, Midway is treated like a member of a big, happy dog family.

    Linnea von Hessert
  • Cooper was a pup and he joined one of their playgroups. Five years later, he still goes out every day for two hours with his buddies, jumping up when he hears his walker at the door, eager as ever to spend time with his friends in the run.

    Chris Madden
  • The Dog House NYC combines all the things we absolutely need in a dog-walking-service – such as reliability, scheduling flexibility, a concern for health and safety – with all the things we really want-, loving attention and lots of energy-eating fun for our dog.

    Stephanie Salomon, David Fishman & Claire
  • The Dog House NYC has been unfailingly reliable, friendly and flexible toward us. They’ve earned our trust, and over and over, our gratitude.

    Hendrick Uyttendaele


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We’re confident that we provide the best in dog walking / boarding services. These happy faces and long-time clients are our proof.  View our full gallery