When they’re indoors at The Dog House NYC, our dogs love to play with all the great dog toys we have!


Our expertise and training is always there in the background, making sure your dogs are happy, healthy and safe in our care. In the foreground, for them, it’s fun, fun fun.


The Dog House NYC is a small and personalized service, offering programs individually tailored to your dog. Each dog has his/her own needs, and we cater to them offering various different services including group / individual walks, dog boarding, playgroups, and training.


We like to think we have more smiling dogs than any other service, and we believe the secret lies in relationship. Dogs are first of all social animals. The Dog House NYC has been offering the best professional dog walking / dog boarding care in Manhattan for more than 15 years.  

Some of Our Happy Clients

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Inside The Dog House NYC

Take a look at life in The Dog House NYC
  • Set 0 Slide 6 May and Winnie
  • Set 0 Slide 5 Anokhi at the toy box
  • Set 0 Slide 4 Cagney
  • Set 0 Slide 3 three dogs on couch
  • Set 0 Slide 2 may w toys
  • Set 0 Slide 1 three happy dogs

Sleeping Dogs

After a good day, our dogs sleep the sleep of angels
  • Set 1 Slide 6 Maple
  • Set 1 Slide 5 Mata on back
  • Set 1 Slide 4 Willow
  • Set 1 Slide 3 Tilly on back
  • Set 1 Slide 2 Dewey
  • Set 1 Slide 1 Charlie on back

Dog Walking

Whether boarding or walking our dogs enjoy safe and happy outings
  • dogs-playing-ball
  • Set 2 Slide 4 Fosco and Markham
  • Set 2 Slide 3 Syd Roxy Matilda
  • Set 2 Slide 2 Zoo and gang
  • Set 2 Slide 1 waiting for walk
  • Set 2 Slide 6 on rocks

Dog Buddies

At The Dog House NYC our dogs make lasting friends
  • Set 3 Slide 6 grant and daisy
  • Set 3 Slide 5 Olivia and May
  • Set 3 Slide 4 three witches
  • Set 3 Slide 3 george and millie
  • Set 3 Slide 2 bums
  • Set 3 Slide 1 mazy and may

Something for Everyone

There's something for everyone at The Dog House NYC
  • Set 4 Slide 6 Mata et al
  • Set 4 Slide 5 Win and Odie
  • Set 4 Slide 4 toys
  • Set 4 Slide 3 Pearlie
  • Set 4 Slide 2 Syd ball
  • Set 4 Slide 1 Tilly and ducks

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The Dog House NYC Blog

Fare-thee-well, Justin!

Friday will be Justin’s last day walking dogs with The Dog House NYC. Fare-thee-well – Farewell — Justin. You have been a star! After two brutal winters, Justin is going inside. He’s moving over to Petco – will we catch him at the 96th St store? dunno, maybe. Wherever, I’m pretty sure inside a few […]



My husband met Heather because ALL the dogs in the dog run in Riverside Park knew and obviously adored her. That chance encounter was seven years ago, and since then we have used The Dog House NYC to walk and board our 2 dogs, who could not be any happier!!

Audrey Stafford & Jeff Golub

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